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In accordance with our Privacy Policy, only the named account holder or a third party authorized on the account by the named account holder, can request information or make changes on an account.

* I am the named account holder, or a third party authorized on the account by the named account holder.
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Hydro usage and historical bill requests

Hydro usage and the bill amounts display on the bill. You can create an online profile to access your historical bills and view your consumption history. There is no charge for on-line access to bills. Enersource can also provide you with copies of bills at $15.00 + HST for up to 1 year of bills. I understand that this charge will be added to my next bill.

I want to register for ebilling and access historical bills at no charge

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At least one phone number field is required.

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Temporary Disconnection of service

Please note this form is for a temporary physical disconnection of your electricity service, and not to inform us that you are moving, renting, buying or selling a property.
Note: Enersource requires a minimum of 5 business days to process customer requested disconnections.
When service is disconnected a $40.00 + HST disconnection charge will be billed to my account.
Enersource Hydro Mississauga will not be liable for any damages that may result from the disconnection of power.
I understand that I need to request that electrical service is reconnected on or before six (6) months from the disconnection date or an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) certificate will be required.
When service is reconnected during business hours, a $20.00 + HST set up charge for residential accounts, $30.00 + HST for commercial accounts will be billed to my account. 
As a new occupant, a security deposit is required. Click to select one of the options below to apply to have your security deposit waived. 
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We can provide you with a Letter of Reference at $15.00 + HST. 
Please indicate where you would like the letter sent to in the request details section below.
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Enersource Corporation and its affiliates (collectively Enersource) are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals through the safeguarding of information. All of the personal information collected by Enersource is governed by PIPEDA. This privacy notice summarizes the privacy policy and practices outlined in the Enersource Privacy of Information Corporate Policy available at
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